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News Regarding the Project

News -Passive Seismic Reveals Seven Leads on Block 2A

The passive seismic survey program will be executed within the Simba Energy concession block called Block 2A.

The total surface of the block 2A is ~7.801 sqKm and is located at ~490 km North North-East of Nairobi. The Eastern side of the block adjoins with the Somali border.

The scope of this survey is to identify, and evaluate areas with hydrocarbon potential on Simba’s Block 2A -Kenya and confirm the previous geophysical studies over the block.

The planned survey covers a portion of both basins within Block 2A where Simba Energy has already identified 2 exploration leads.

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The entire passive seismic survey will cover a total area of ~4,000 sqKm. It will
extend from the Wajir to the south, with extention to the East and Western part of the Simba concession Block.

All the data acquisition and the data processing will be done over one single survey sub-block in order to have one single hydrocarbon seismic energy distribuition related with presence of potential reservoirs all over the ~4,000 sqKm.

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Some of the area, in particular the one located in the South-East of the acquisition block could be inaccessible. The acquisition will start from the south of Wajir. The team and all the instruments will fly from Nairobi to Wajir.

Simba Energy is a Vancouver, B.C. based oil and gas exploration company focusing on underexplored overlooked basins in its pursuit of hydrocarbon opportunities in Africa (currently Kenya, Liberia, Guinea, Mali and Ghana).

These regions have shown increased promise for the development of new hydrocarbon deposits.



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