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The passive seismic survey program will include two main concession areas called AB1 and AB4 for the client Falcon Petroleum.

Within AB1 the passive seismic survey will take place within two target or sub-blocks which are located around and in the Southern part of the
populated area of Kon Abo which is approximately 320 Km North-North East of Addis Ababa.

The second passive seismic target area is within AB4 and is divided into two sub-blocks located in the Southern and Weastern Were Ilu which is approximately 190 Km (linear) North-East of Addis Ababa.

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Kon Abo

The client has requested to investigate the area in the North of the main concession Block AB1.
From the gravimetric data which GeoDynamics Received from the client, it is possible to see that in the North of AB1 is located a gravimetric anomaly (low gravimetric values) which could derive by the presence of potential hydrocarbon structures in the subsurface.

The main objective then, within the Kon Abo area, is:

  • To find potential hydrocarbon presence in terms of seismic anomalies deriving from the presence of microtremors within the background seismic noise.

The acquisition will start from the Kon Abo area and the GeoDynamics Research team will move from Addis Ababa directly to Kon Abo.
The area is around 3.5 Km above the sea level and is surrounded by canyons which are nearly 800-900 m in depth.
The area is classified to be challenging.

Were Ilu II

During June 2011 GeoDynamics Research ran a passive seismic survey inside the block AB4 and in particular within the Were Ilu area.

Passive seismic anomalies were found around a see pages area and in South-Western part of the acquisition block.
The main objectives of the survey within the block AB4 and in particular within the Were Ilu area are then:

  • To place passive seismic stations in the South-Western part of the old acquisition block. The area in the South-West of the old block will be enlarged to confirm the observed anomaly during the first survey in 2011.
  • To acquire passive seismic data in the Western part of the anomaly observed over the see pages.
  • To try to link the results within those two sub-blocks and the previous results of the survey carried out in June 2011 in a way to give to the client a clear picture of the distribuition of the anomalies within the whole Were Ilu area.

The area is complex as well, which is surrounded by canyons with some areas of inaccessibility.



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