Were Ilu I Project -Ethiopia


Geodynamics Research S.r.l, leader in Passive Seismic, carried out an IPDS survey for Falcon Petroleum Limited in one of their oil exploration concession in Were Ilu -Ethiopia -Africa.

The survey area is located about 450 km north Addis Ababa the capital city of Ethiopia and has a total of 126 mapped data points.

The Geodynamics Research data acquisition team left Italy in the late hours of 4th June 2011 to Addis Ababa -Ethiopia and arrived in the early hours of 5 th June. On arrival, the team got a warm welcome from the chief executive K & S Petroleum Ethiopia.

The GeoDynamics Research team had a meeting with the representative of the Ethiopian Ministry of Mines and Petroleum on the 6th of June in company of K & S Petroleum in Addis Abbaba to discuss the main logistic of the passive seismic data acquisition.

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The explorers’ field operation commenced on the 11th June with equipment calibration and data collection which lasted till on the 30th June.

The elevation or altitude of the survey area affected most of the team members breathing as it is worth mentioning that the concession area has an average height of above 2500 meters.

This data collection campaign was carried out with fewer hitches and as usual the team was composed of GeoDynamics Research technical and trained people with vast experience, knowledge and ready to adapt to any work and enviromental conditions.

A particular thank you to all the people which helped for the entire data acquisition and a particular thank you goes to all the Were-Ilu community for all their friendship and hospitality.

All the Passive Seismic Data Processing and Analysis are in progress.











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