GeoDynamics Research - Geothermal Application

Passive Seismic Geothermal Exploration -Western-Rome, Italy


GeoDynamics Resesearch concluded a passive seismic exploration campaign over a Geothermal field in Italy.

The project has been called ‘West-Rome’ for the client Hydro Drilling International S.p.A

The main objective was to define the distribuition of low frequency seismic energy within the block, and to do that was necessary study and observe the low frequency seismic behaviour of the entire GeoThermal reserve.

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From the results then, the possibility to adapt Passive Seismic IPDS to the GeoThermal energy exploration and monitoring appared possible.

All the passive seismic results has been crossed with Geogravity anomalies, 2D structural seimic data, stratigrafic data which came from 2 wells drilled in the past by Agip, and everything is in good agrement.

Two potential areas as been identified within the highest Iso-Gravity line and over the structural top which was identified by 2D Seismic.

The biggest low frequency seismic resonance energy has been identified ~ 0.5 Km East from the ~ 6.6 mGals Iso-Gravity top which is over the 2D seimic structural top.

The second potential is located within the Iso-Gravity of ~ 5 mGals and is ~ 3.7 Km North West from the first biggest potential.



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