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GeoDynamics Research - Scouting operation update

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All the Passive Seismic data processing of the Neem Project within the block 4 in Sudan has been completed and all the results are going to be written down in the final report which will be presented to the GNPOC representative in the GeoDynamics Research center soon.

Feb. 8 – 2011
The GeoDynamics Research Scouting Team arrived in Khartoum – Sudan
The team had an official meeting with the GNPOC representatives and ESNAD regarding the following agenda:

- Scouting operations;

- Survey and passive seismic data collection;

- Project Details.

The team will be transfered to the GNPOC CAMP and the Data Acquisitions field scouting will commence the day next.

Feb. 13 – 2011 – Communication
The field scouting operation was of a good success as programmed and the team was able to scout the entire survey area without any hitch.

Feb. 14 – 2011
The scouting operation for the GeoDynamics Research Passive Seismic data collecting survey has come to an end
The team will be going back to Italy to the official base by tomorrow for the Survey analysis and field reports.
The Geodynamics Research Equipment and the Data Acquisition Team will be operative in the field by March 2011 as planned.

A profound thanks to all that contributed and supported during the period of scouting exploration.

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