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Blue Falcon DE/DG Projects, UAE

The first low frequency acoustic surveys whitin the area were executed in 2000 in the Arabian Peninsula environment. The results showed a good correlation between IPDS® results and Reservoir Well Tests.

During the second survey all the Passive Seimic data collection was done measuring the seismic background noise on the same points of the first Qusahwira Project (Nov. 2000).
The outcome was excellent with a good correlation to the initial Survey.

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The third GeoDynamics Research survey in the Qusahwira area (Blue Falcon DE) was carried out in July 2005.
The objective of this survey was to collect passive seismic data from known wells as calibration data for GeoDynamics Research Geospectra IPDS®.

The fourth Passive Seismic GeoDynamics Research survey campaign in Qusahwira (Blue Falcon DG Prject) was carried out under client’s request in December 2005 to evaluate the Hydrocarbon Potential of a planned drilling location between two others wells and to use GeoDynamics Research GeoSpectra IPDS® as a complementary tool to reduce drilling risk and to optimize well location.
The results of this survey closely matched the results from the well log after drilling.

Blue Falcon DH Project, UAE

The Blue Falcon DH Campaign was carried out in April 2006 by Geodynamics Research with the objective to
Collect data from a selected Number of known wells and correlate well data with Passive Seismic – IPDS® data, Shoot two Profiles NW-SE across the known fringes of the oil field and compare with known data.

Correlation of well data and IPDS® Indicator is nearly 86%. Results shows that the new well should show approx. ~ 600 ft NPZ.

We thank the client and the staff for the valuable contribution to the work during the Blue Falcon DH Project.

Blue Falcon DL Project, UAE

The main objective of the survey was to identify the hydrocarbon pool limit and to estimate the hydrocarbon zone thickness mainly over the proposed well location BH-02.

The Bida Hamid area was surveyed by GeoDynamics Research using the passive seismic low frequency spectroscopy IPDS® method. The survey consisted of 62 Passive Seismic Data Acquisitionsthat were selected to cover a geological feature in the Bida Hamid area.

The Passive Seismic data collecting was completed as planned and the initial results were provided to the client.

Blue Falcon DM - Jarn Yaphour Project, UAE

The main objective of the survey was to identify the hydrocarbon pool boundary and make a prediction about cumulative hydrocarbon thickness.
The survey survey results will be used for further delineation and development of the Oil Field.
The other objectives of the Blue Falcon DM Survey are to identify the current Hydrocarbon potential of the area and find possible compartments and their extensions.

Phase I of the survey program shall clarify the current situation and depending on the results an extension of the program may be taken in consideration.
The area was surveyed using the Geospectra IPDS® Passive Seismic Spectroscopy from GeoDynamics Research s.r.l.
The survey, consisting of 168 data points including calibration was planned to cover most part of the field.

The acquisition started in March 2007 and was completed on the 7th of April 2007.
In May the initial results where provided to the client.

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Blue Falcon DP -UAE

The survey area is located about 140 km northwest of the Abu Dhabi Island. The exploration area was surveyed using the Geospectra IPDS® passive seismic technology from GeoDynamics Research S.r.l.
The survey program was prepared by the client.

The survey consisted of the following measurements:
11 wells and 27 lines with a total of 150 data points.

The main purpose of the Geospectra IPDS® was to identify the hydrocarbon pool and estimate the cumulative thickness.
The second purpose was to integrate the Passive Seismic IPDS® survey results with the 3D seismic due to be shot in the following months.

The acquisition started on the 30th of June 2007 and was completed on the 15th of July 2007. The processing of the data commenced the following weeks. The initial results were provided to the client at the end of August 2007.

The passive seismic IPDS® survey results indicated that the acquisition area has hydrocarbon potential; the exploration risk is therefore reduced.

Blue Falcon DS -UAE

The survey area (225 sq Km) is covered by sand dunes and partially by Sabkha and lies to the west of a producing oil field.
The Geospectra IPDS® survey measured six deep Jurassic well sand and one deep Khuff well.

Blue Falcon DS is the 12th survey that GeoDynamics Research has completed in U.A.E. since 2000.
The client requested GeoDynamics Reserach s.r.l to acquire a Passive Seismic Geospectra IPDS® survey over the Structure before drilling the exploration well.

The main objective was to identify the boundary of the hydrocarbon pool and reservoir hydrocarbon indicator (RHI) in the area (with special attention to the well proposal area).

The Geospectra IPDS® survey was originally to consist of 99 data-points, this number was later increased to add a few more location to fit the pattern around the proposed well in the field.

In addition, 20 well measurement were proposed by the client with the aim of determining the hydrocarbon signature.
These 20 wells were selected along an East-West profile of the structure.
The acquisition started on the the 21th of September 2007 and was completed on the 8th of October 2007.
The data analysis was carried out in the main offices in Italy parallel to the acquisition.

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