Logbaba Project, Cameroon

Project News: Results of Passive Seismic Survey at Logbaba Gas and Condensate Project, Cameroon – IPDS Technology Workshop in Douala, Cameroon – Logbaba Passive Seismic Abridged Report

GeoDynamics Research -Italy carried out a survey in Douala, Cameroon, with the objective to identify the new well location for the client and find the most prominent hydrocarbon potential zones. The area examined was ~ 32 sq km, divided into 3 separate blocks, or 50% of the client’s concession area in Douala. Drilling operations were running throughout the acquisition campaign.

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The survey was conducted by three qualified GeoDynamics Research team members and local helpers provided by the client. The acquisitions, including scouting, took 30 days.

The main issue during the campaign was the difficult access to the single acquisition locations and lengthy negotiations with the local population were necessary to gain access to private property. Due to the surrounding environmental conditions, the acquired signals contained excessive artificial noise, which led to applying additional pre-processing techniques to remove the human noise from the data signals.

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Logbaba Passive Seismic Abridged Report








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