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Project News: Nevada Hot Creek Valley US Oil & Gas Latest News- 26 February, 2010 – US Oil and Gas plc – US OIL announces results of passive seismic survey in Hot Creek Valley – 06 September 2011 – DJ U.S OIL And GAS Plc – 3D Passive Seismic Results Confirm Substantial Updip Reservoir on Lease Area – 07 September, 2010 – U.S. Oil and Gas plc – Operations Update, Nye County, Nevada –

GeoDynamics Research is a leader in passive seismic spectroscopy at low frequency, applied to detect and monitor Hydrocarbon reservoirs in exploration areas and developed fields, based on a patented technology Geospectra IPDS® (Infrasonic Passive Differential Spectroscopy).

An IPDS® survey have been conducted in Hot Creek Valley, Nevada, USA, for the client “US Oil and Gas plc.”

By combining geophysical studies, well log data, gravity gradiometry and low-frequency passive seismic data, the client intends identifying the most prominent hydrocarbon reservoirs in the Hot Creek Valley in Nevada.

The survey area is located in Nevada (USA) about 120 km (80 miles) east from the nearest city of Tonopah. Tonopah is about 350 km (217 miles) north from Las Vegas.

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The survey area is part of the Great Basin, which is characterized by valleys and ranges from north to south.

One of these valleys is the Hot Creek Valley and the survey area is located in its southern part.

Hot Creek Valley extends approximately 300 km (183 miles) north to south, trending ranges in the Basin and Range physiographic province and varies in width from 20 km to 80 km (13 miles to 50

The valley is bounded to the west of the Hot Creek Range which rises to an elevation of approximately 3.122 m (10,246 ft) at its highest point, the Morey Peak, and on the east by the Pancake Range. Elevation of the valley floor ranges from 1.500 m to 1.800 m (5,184 ft to 6,004 ft) above mean sea level.

The survey area includes Well-302 with a total depth of ~ 3.371 m (11,060 ft). It is situated at the extreme north of the survey area and revealed the presence of heavy and dead oil on flow tests. Well-302 is considered a Wildcat exploration well.

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