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Project News: West Medvezhye Operational Update – West Medvezhye Operational Update – Successful passive seismic survey – Passive Seismic Survey Project Report

The main purpose of the GeoDynamics Research IPDS® survey in Siberia, Russia, was to substantiate the results from a prior gas seismic tomography survey conducted in the West Medvezhye area. The survey area included a well which was drilled in 2006 and revealed the presence of hydrocarbons.

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From the base camp at the border of the survey area tanks were used to reach the measurement points due to the surface conditions.

Mobile and independent measurement units were used. These units are suited for the extreme weather conditions and working environment of this survey; the sensor was coupled to the frozen ground and then buried under the snow to avoid unwanted wind effects.

The survey was successfully completed in December 2008.

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