Mali - Frau Mingo Project - Block 17

Project News: Passive Seismic PetroMa Block 17 and block 25

The Mali project includes two blocks, block 25 the Golden Fork project and block 17 the Frau Mingo project.

The main objective of the Block 17 survey is to identify the hydrocarbon potential. The concession is owned by PetroMa Inc. and Falcon Petroleum Ltd.

GeoDynamics Research Hydorcarbon Exploration projects : <default>

The survey area is situated in the Nara-Trough, where the only data existing is a preliminary gravity-survey.

The client has chosen to measure four separate areas: Cible 37; 55; 123; 270. The areas are each roughly 50 square km.

The measurement layout in each area consists of 77 Data-Points located on the edges of the square Areas.









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