Quality Management System, a strategic priority for GeoDynamics Research, integrates the different internal processes within the organization and intends to provide a documented process approach for project execution according to the standards established by the International Organizations of Standardization (ISO 9001-2000).

GeoDynamics Research is committed to achieve and enhance customer satisfaction at all times, supplying its competitive technical and scientific services efficiently and on time with standards, assuring conformity to customer and applicable regulatory requirements through the effective application and improvement of its Quality Management System.

GeoDynamics Research upgrades the capabilities of its technical and administrative staff through formal training and continuous technical quality awareness.


GeoDynamics Research HSE principles:

  • Health care for any involved individual
  • Safety for employee and security care for staff, data and equipment
  • Environmental protection


GeoDynamics Reserch provides vaccinations and prophylaxis for its traveling Members of Staff, whether requested by each Country Governments or merely suggested by Health Officer.

GeoDynamics Research has a worldwide access to 24h expert advice and assistance thanks to a contract with International SOS (www.internationalsos.com), security assistance, travel assistance, medical assistance, access to International SOS clinics.

Safety and Security

  • All GeoDynamics Research branches comply with the HSE local National legislation.
  • GeoDynamics Research provides Insurance for all travelling members of staff.
  • SOS international accomplish also Security Risk Assessments and Evacuation Plans for GeoDynamics Research surveys in those countries with a high level of crime.


Unlike other activities that relates to petroleum exploration, GEOSPECTRA IPDS® is a non-invasive technology, involving little or no disruption of surface and subsurface materials and no environment perturbations.

All materials used for measurement are removed from the sites when acquisition is complete.

GEOSPECTRA IPDS® is well suited for use in the most sensitive environments, because of the total absence of artificially generated noise. Surveys have virtually no environmental impact and cause no disturbance of behavioral patterns of animals.


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